4 Ideas to Maximize Your Outdoor Advertising Effectiveness

When you spend money on advertising, you want it to deliver results. However, it isn’t always easy to decide what makes a good ad and what doesn’t. Here are four ideas to help you maximize your outdoor advertising effectiveness so you get more bang for your buck.

1.   The Magnificent 7 Rule

It may be tempting to cram as much as possible into an outdoor advertisement, but that makes it very difficult for potential customers to understand it. Remember, these individuals are driving, walking, or cycling by so they have a short amount of time to absorb your message.

Limit your headline to seven words or less and make them count. Review your copy and ensure it takes no more than seven seconds to read too. Short, punchy headlines are more memorable and improve effectiveness.

2.   Image is Everything

Outdoor advertising focuses on a moving audience in a busy world. We are primarily visual creatures that take notice of bold, colourful images quickly.

Remember, your image sets the context for your ad. Choose a simple, striking image that supports your message. Busy images create confusion and a person spends more time trying to unravel the image, instead of connecting with your ad.

3.   Less Really is More

Your goal should be to create a message people remember. If you clutter your media with unnecessary information, it actually stresses the brain.

Create a key message that is concise, compelling, and memorable. Reread your copy and strike out unnecessary words. Pare it down to its essence. Less really is more.

4.   Have Fun in Life, Not with Fonts

Since you want to make your message clear, it doesn’t make sense to use many font types. All that does is make it harder to read your text. Use no more than two highly-legible fonts in your outdoor advertising. Avoid light or extremely bold typefaces or ones with embellishments.

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