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Are you living in Edmonton and have a business you would like to advertise? Here at Postcard Portables Edmonton we look forward to working with different companies and giving them the platform they want to expand their brand awareness.

We’re just as excited to promote your brand as you are. There are many great reasons why signs and marketing is so important to establishing your business.

Not only do you get to inform customers of your products and services, you also get to make an impactful first-impression.

One way to make your business standout is to utilize the numerous products we have available for you! We have flyers, signs, banners, printing services and mini-billboards.

We don’t just stop there – we also create posters, window deals, business cards and more! Tying everything together is a process that we enjoy assisting you with.

If you are having trouble with the design of your billboard we have a top-notch team and useful tools that will meet your printing and signage needs.

Not just needing to showcase your business? Postcard Portables Edmonton also caters to the promotion of open houses, special promotions and events like concerts or festivals.

Marketing is more enticing when it’s promoted in a fun and creative way. People take notice of the business and events that are eye-catching.

The best thing about these billboards is that you reach a large clientele. Every single person who walks by your sign could be a potential client or know someone in need of your services.

Reach out to Postcard Portables Edmonton and we can start spreading awareness for your company! If you have any questions or comments you can call us at: 780-628-2455 or email us at:

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