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Looking for outdoor advertising? Your local Postcard Portables Medicine Hat has got you covered! We have billboards that you can set up in any community that can be placed in any location of your choosing.

Our billboards are perfect for off-site sales and corporate events. Need to advertise functions like Golf Tournaments, Concerts, and Festivals? We work with you in our world-class print facility to cover any of your business needs.

We have flyers, signs, business cards, banners, and printing services available to you! But we don’t just stop there. We know the importance of brand awareness and maintaining a professional image for your business.

At Postcard Portables Medicine Hat, we also have a team of skilled in-house graphic specialists to bring your billboard vision to life. You can attract attention to your business or event by working with the team to select the best colours and details that enhance your company’s brand or image.

We are more than happy to assist you in the process and committed to promoting your business in an affordable way. Marketing is more enticing when it’s promoted in a fun and creative way. People take notice of the business and events that are eye-catching.

Make your mark on the Medicine Hat community! Having a strong marketing strategy doesn’t have to be a challenging process – we’re here to help with any printing needs.

Take the next step and expand our business with Postcard Portable Medicine Hat.If you have any questions or comments you can call us at: 403-977-7446 or email us at:

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