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Premium billboard advertising is only a few minutes away if you live in Regina! The Postcard Portables Regina location is a great service for your business to get some well-deserved recognition.

Specialized billboard marketing gives your business a chance to boom even further! Give your products and services the platform it needs to spread awareness. Our mini-billboards are a great tool you can use to your advantage!

We carry flyers, signs, business cards, window decals, posters, and are available for all your printing needs. You can choose from these options, all useful for helping you expand your business’ image.
The other services we offer include Branding Packages, Wraps, Digital Print Services, Graphic Design Services, and all other forms of printing. You’re already paying for your land – you might as well advertise on it!
At Postcard Portables Regina we don’t just stop there. We offer you full quality control and our in-house team of graphic designers can create the billboard you’ve been dreaming of!

With so many busy areas around the city, it’s easy to capture glances from hundreds of potential clients. Your business or event will be able to circulate to a large number of people at any time and anywhere!

The billboard will be seen by people from all walks of life who can give referrals or call for your services!

Reach out to Postcard Portables Regina and we can start creating your local advertising campaign that’s sure to be effective! If you have any questions or comments you can call us at: 306-541-9456 or email us at:

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