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Businesses that are presently working with Bert Peters of Postcard Portables Winnipeg for their mobile sign advertising have discovered the impact and effectiveness that full colour, professional sign advertising can have.

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World of Water has been using the services of Postcard Portables for 18 months now and we could not be happier with the results to date. We are always looking for new, innovative and cost effective marketing ideas that we can pass onto our Franchisees, and Postcard Portables fits the mold perfectly. We use to pay to have a simply ‘text’ sign placed on the street to advertise new products or promotions but never truly saw any results – since utilizing the services of Postcard Portables we have had countless customers comment that they were attracted to our store due to the highly visible mobile sign (created by Postcard Portables) they saw on the side of the street. We have been overly impressed with the efficiency and quality of their graphic designers – we send them artwork for them to use to create a mobile sign and we usually receive a 'proof' back within a couple hours – not a couple days, but hours!!!The cost is not much more than the text signs we were using before, and when you factor in the brand recognition you receive with the signs from Postcard Portables, it is definitely marketing dollars well spent. Speaking with our Franchises over the last year and a half, they have all been very impressed with the results they have seen from Postcard Portables and are now wanting us to add them to our annual marketing strategy.Our representative from Postcard Portables – Bert Peters – has been with us every step of the way and have provide not only myself but all our Franchisees with outstanding support – it is clear he understands the concept of 'customer service'.I would highly recommend any business wanting to try something new with their marketing to give Postcard Portables a call. The price is right, the quality is on point and the results (at least for World of Water) are proven. Great company, fantastic product and service.

- Adam Schinke, World of Water International

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