Marketing can be one of the biggest expenses for your business. You want to know that you’re getting the best results for your money, but tracking the results of your marketing campaign can seem impossible at times. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to determine whether your efforts are really paying off. Here’s how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Know what traffic you’re tracking

How you track the effectiveness of each campaign depends on what type of marketing you’re using. Primarily, you’ll either want to track traffic to your business or product, or you’ll want to track the number of direct sales that come from the marketing campaign.

Some traffic will be organic–people who stumble upon your business by searching online or by word of mouth from other customers. If you want to know how a particular marketing campaign is doing, you need a way to track the particular traffic that comes from people who see the marketing materials you use (postcards, mini billboards, etc.).

To track the people who come to you because of your marketing campaign, you’ll need something that you can use to identify these specific customers. If you’re using online marketing methods, you could track the number of visitors to your website, or the number of sales during the campaign period. You can use specific URLs to track each campaign so you’ll know who’s accessing your site because of an ad you ran and not just organic traffic.

For mini-billboards, and other print signage, you can also use special URLs that link to your website specifically for the campaign. This works best if you use a short, easily remembered link since most people will view these signs while driving. Another option is that you can also use special promotional phrases (like “SPRING2017”) that can be mentioned in your store or entered on your website. This method will work to give your customers motivation to do business within a certain timeframe, but it also makes the promotion easy to track.

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