We couldn’t be more proud of the team in London, Ontario, our FRANCHISE OF THE YEAR Winner! One of our newer franchise units, their team has amazed us with their determination, energy and incredible service to their local community.

Congratulations to Dan Jenken, Dave Jenken, Tim Gibbon, and the rest of the Postcard Portables London Team.

Keep up the great work!



It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our dear friend and franchise owner, Wade Moffatt.

Wade was one of the kindest and most compassionate individuals one could ever meet. Always the gentleman, he radiated sincerity and joy everywhere he went. He cared deeply about many things: family, running, and simply making the world a better place.

As soon as Wade joined Postcard Portables Regina, his love for the advertising industry was apparent in everything he did. He genuinely loved working with local clients on every aspect of their marketing campaigns. Wade was also very passionate about contributing his time, energy, and business resources to charitable causes. The Saskatchewan Red Cross and the Regina Food Bank are just two of the many organizations that were dear to his heart.

Wade’s kindness and talent have also become evident in his son, Kyle, who began working in the business alongside his father in 2014. The two of them were an outstanding team and grew the local franchise to a new level of success. Despite it all, we now know that Wade had been fighting a long-term inner battle with bipolar disorder and alcoholism.

Regrettably, the treatment Wade sought was not able to bring him out of the darkness, and on August 20th 2015, he passed away.

Losing Wade has been a tremendous loss to the Postcard Portables family. The outpouring of support from all of our current and past Saskatchewan-based clients has been incredible. It has meant so very much to see how much he was loved and how many lives he touched.

Wade’s family has made the brave decision to bring the conversation of mental illness and addiction to the forefront, in hopes that it will help others. We applaud their efforts and hope that more awareness can bring a better future to those who face similar challenges.

We will miss you, Wade. We will never forget the light and love you brought into our lives.



Postcard Portables is Canada’s largest mini-billboard sign and graphics franchise. In addition to our extraordinary mini-billboards, our franchise locations offer window graphics, banners, sandwich boards, indoor signage and much more. Today, we have franchise points servicing most major markets in western Canada and are expanding our franchise reach into the Eastern provinces, allowing us to service accounts from coast to coast professionally and profitably.

To learn more about joining our team, please see our Franchising Page, or call 1-800-897-6006 Ext 2.


Businesses in and around the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, are about to have a lot more options when it comes to marketing, advertising, and brand recognition.

Postcard Portables, a franchise company specializing in mini-billboard and other high-impact signage, is pleased to announce a new location in the Maritime capital. Operations are up and running, and Halifax owners Corey and Lauren Bowes are eager to see their full-colour mini-billboards on the road. “Our product will allow businesses and non-profits in the Halifax Regional Municipality the opportunity to promote their brand in a professional, modern, and effective way. I know Haligonians are going to love it,” Lauren said.

The Bowes team brings many years of professional experience to their Postcard Portables franchise. Corey has a distinguished background in the credit union industry, while Lauren has extensive expertise in marketing. They have a shared passion for entrepreneurship, which they were able to explore when they jointly owned and operated an ice cream shop in Moncton, New Brunswick, prior to moving to the Halifax region last June. They first became familiar with the Postcard Portables brand while residing in Moncton where they were able to witness the success of the Moncton franchise, which has grown significantly in the last five years. When the opportunity to move back to Corey’s native Halifax presented itself, the couple decided it was the perfect time to not only return to Corey’s roots, but to pursue their mutual entrepreneurial ambitions by starting their own franchise in Nova Scotia.

Corey and Lauren are already very active in the Halifax business community and the local, volunteer-centric Canadian Progress Club, where Lauren is a member of the Halifax Cornwallis chapter. They are very excited to assist the local business and non-profit sectors in the region with their advertising needs in order to facilitate a more profitable and prosperous Halifax community. According to Postcard Portables CEO, Jerred Huber, “Halifax is in excellent hands with the Bowes team. Their energy, enthusiasm, focus on growth, and passion for helping their fellow business owners will be the key to their success. We are very pleased to have them as franchise partners and look forward to working with them. We wish them every success in the near and long term.”

Postcard Portables was founded in Regina, Saskatchewan in 2002 as “The Original Mini-Billboard Company” and has grown to have a major presence across Canada. Opening its first franchise in Edmonton in 2005, Postcard Portables Canada now has 12 franchise locations servicing most major markets in the West, as well as an expanding presence in Eastern Canada.

View the Halifax location page for contact information or to request a quote.



Congratulations to Postcard Portables Medicine Hat for skyrocketing to the top of the pack and claiming the annual “Franchise of the Year” award.

The prestigious award was given in recognition of the unprecedented growth in this territory over the past 12 months, which has been the result of the hard work of franchisees Dustin Turcotte and Rob Campbell. Since joining the Postcard Portables brand nearly a decade ago, they have become the dominant sign company in Medicine Hat as well as surrounding areas, helping clients with everything from store openings to hiring campaigns and more.

With a continuing focus on customer service and a relentless drive to succeed, Dustin and Rob have exemplified what it truly takes to be successful business owners in their community. They have been leading by example, focusing on their core business

of PPMedHat_LRmini-billboards but also making sure their client’s needs are always met by offering many additional signage products. They are also very eager to contribute to their local economy – an example of this being the recent pillar sponsorship within the brand new event centre in Medicine Hat (the Canalta Centre) which is now home of the Western Hockey League Medicine Hat Tigers. Rob and Dustin are also very active in promoting and participating in non-profit associations, such as the Medicine Hat Kinsmen.

Beyond earning “Franchise of the Year” Postcard Portables Medicine Hat has also been nominated for their local Chamber Of Commerce Business Awards for the 2nd consecutive year, which again, speaks very highly to their involvement and reputation within the local business community. Jerred Huber, President & CEO of Postcard Portables Canada, stated “I’ve been fortunate to watch the growth and development of this franchise up close. Rob and Dustin have incredible ambition and a client-focused attitude. For them to be recognized as leaders within their community, industry, and our franchise system is well deserved and no surprise.”

Congratulations to Postcard Portables Medicine Hat for representing the Postcard Portables nationwide brand in such a professional and prolific manner over the past year. The revenue growth achieved recently, despite a difficult economic climate, was nothing short of spectacular. With the passion that these two youthful entrepreneurs have for growing their business each and every day, it is only to be expected that their business will only continue to grow and flourish. We are all very proud of Postcard Portables Medicine Hat for a tremendous job well done.

For more information on how Postcard Portables Medicine Hat can help with your next marketing campaign, call 403-977-7446 or visit:


The Postcard Portables team is very honoured to be assisting the Red Cross to encourage donations that will help the residents of Fort McMurray in the relief efforts.

The idea was brought forward by the Regina, SK, franchise team. When the concept of a national campaign was introduced to the entire group of franchisees across the country, they were quick to jump on board to help support the people of Alberta and help raise funds for this cause.

The Mini-Billboard campaign provides information about how people can donate to Red Cross initiatives in Fort McMurray. There are now billboards up in many locations across Canada serving this purpose.

“As a Canadian company with many locations in Alberta and Saskatchewan, we felt it was important to support the people that have been impacted by the devastating fires in and around Ft. McMurray through supplying billboards to the Red Cross donation effort at no cost to them. Our franchise owners knew that their local communities would respond to the need and were happy to get involved.” – Jerred Huber, Postcard Portables Canada

If you would like to donate to the Red Cross to support relief efforts in Alberta, call 1-800-418-1111 or visit


If you want your promotion to be successful, the right signage can make all the difference. How can you choose the right signage for your promotion? Use these tips to help choose the right type for your business’ needs.

Location of your signage

This is the first thing you’ll need to know in order to choose effective signage. Will you be advertising outdoors, inside your store or office, or at another venue?

Outdoor promotions require sturdy signs that can withstand the elements, particularly if they will be outside for a long period of time. Mini-billboards, crezone (wooden) signs, and even canvas signs can work well for an outdoor promotion.

Indoor signs tend to be less durable but that doesn’t mean they don’t make an impact. Window decals, posters, and popup banners on a stand are all great choices for promoting indoors.

Length of your promotion

If your promotion is going to last a while, or if it will repeat, choose signage that can be reused or used for a long time before you need to replace it. Dibond aluminum signs and crezone wooden signs are both great choices for long-lasting outdoor promotion. Wall mount signs that attach to the exterior of your building are another great choice for promotions that last for a while.

Shorter promotions call for something that can be removed easily and stored away until you need it again. Countertop signs, popup canvas displays, and foam board signs are all great, inexpensive signage for a short-term promotion. Placing a small sign or decal in your window is an easy way to advertise your promotion and these can be changed out as often as necessary, plus they can be reused if you decide to run the promotion again.

Think about where you want to promote and for how long before you choose your signage. That way you can be sure that your signs will meet your business’ needs for as long as you need them to.


What do you get when you combine a Kentucky marketing and PR manager with a Halifax commercial banker? A Halifax-based Postcard Portables franchise duo, of course.

For the first entry in our Franchisee Spotlight series, we’d like to welcome the newest members of our Postcard Portables family, Lauren and Corey Bowes in Halifax.

With backgrounds in the banking industry, Lauren and Corey met in Vegas at a Credit Union convention. Not long after, Lauren was “retiring” from her full time Marketing and PR career to move to Moncton, New Brunswick to open an ice cream shop with her soon to be husband. It was during this summer venture that they got their first taste of professional independence (and perhaps one too many ice cream flavours). During their time of small business ownership Corey and Lauren met Moncton Postcard Portables Franchisee, Luke and learned about the many benefits of franchise ownership. With a strong desire to maintain independence from the 9-5, and a high value on autonomy, the Postcard Portables franchise became a front-runner among possibilities.

After researching further, and learning details regarding the products popularity and quality, Corey and Lauren discovered an opportunity to return to Corey’s home province of Nova Scotia where a Franchise territory with Postcard Portables was available.

It has now been a year since settling into Halifax and launching their Postcard Portables franchise, and as the word of mini-billboard advertising spreads, Corey and Lauren gratefully reflect on their decision to take “the leap.”

The benefits of owning a Postcard Portables franchise, as described by Corey and Loren, include:

Franchise-wide team support and collaboration.

Offering a premium, high quality, branded advertising option that is unique in the market.

Product range from business card printing to mini-billboards means that every business can find the advertising solution they are looking for.

A convenient and consistent process, including graphic design.

Autonomy and independence with an added bonus of having a franchise system for support – including shared tips, leads and brainstorming sessions that benefit everyone.

Economies of scale, and cost sharing.

Lauren and Corey also describe the Postcard Portables franchisee team as “A great group of down-to-Earth, helpful team-players who like to work together to see every franchise succeed.” With no secrets between them, they are true allies who are passionate about sharing in the successes as well as the learning opportunities.

One of the qualities that Lauren and Corey love most about Postcard Portables is not only the ability to support local business growth, but also charities and causes that are important to them. In fact, the first mini-billboard to hit the streets of Halifax was in support of a local not-for-profit organization of which Lauren is a member, rather than a profitable sale.


Mini-billboards can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Less expensive and more flexible than standard billboards, mini-billboards allow you to market where you want, when you want, and still grab your customers’ attention. Here’s how to integrate mini-billboards into your marketing strategy.

Use them to get wider visibility in your community

Is your business new and no one knows you exist? Or, maybe it’s an established business, but you’re not reaching everyone you’d like to in town. A well-placed mini-billboard can be a great way to get more visibility quickly. Because they’re easily portable, you can advertise in several locations and introduce yourself to a wider demographic.

Use them to test your market

Too many businesses throw a ton of money into advertising, only to find that they’ve wasted it appealing to the wrong part of the market. Mini-billboards allow you to test your marketing campaign by advertising in certain areas long enough to gauge interest, then move on if you don’t see any results. For example, if you pay for a billboard that doesn’t get as much traffic as you’d like, you’re stuck with that billboard indefinitely, but if your mini-billboard isn’t getting seen, simply move it and try again.

Use them to promote limited-time events

One of the great things about mini-billboards is the fact that they are easily removed and stored when you don’t need them anymore. This makes them ideal for those times when you need a quick advertisement for a promotion that isn’t going to last long, such a sale or an upcoming event. You can design a powerful, eye-catching piece of advertising that can be brought out and moved around as needed, making them one of the most flexible marketing tools you can have.

Good marketing strategies don’t just rely on one type of medium for advertising. Add mini-billboards to your marketing toolbox and see for yourself how great they can be for your business.