Is a Postcard Portables Franchise for Someone Like You?

When it comes to deciding whether you want to become a franchisee, there’s much to consider. Entrepreneurship offers exciting opportunities, but success and happiness depend on your due diligence and wise decisions.

Our Postcard Portables franchisees started out much like you – full of questions and concerns. Some wondered whether seasoned franchise owners would be there for them if they had questions or problems. Here’s what a Regina franchiseehas to say now:

“I truly feel that I am a part of a community amongst the other franchisees.
Though the organization is growing across the country, the team still finds ways to have the ‘small team’ feeling where everyone works together.”

Kyle Moffat
Postcard Portables Regina, SK

Others wondered whether we offer a marketable product and the mentorship to support your success. Here’s what another franchise owner said after deciding to work with us:

“A unique product, and a team of internal mentors who are all great people, and hard workers. The team members all have a lot in common, they are all driven to succeed and they get to do so together.”

Dan Jenken
Postcard Portables London, ON

Some also wondered whether our simple retail business model could provide the income and freedom they wanted for themselves and their family. Here’s what one Edmonton franchisee has to say:

“Dealing with staffing issues and storefront regulations isn’t something I was ever interested in. When I initially saw the type of quality the signs offered and realized the profit potential resulting from a stream of passive income with signs on the street working 24/7, all while I could still be at home and watch my four children grown up, it was a very simple decision to become a franchisee.”

Bruce Bishop,
Postcard Portables, Edmonton, AB

Others wondered whether a Postcard Portables franchise provides a good balance between the freedom of running your own business and the structure a franchise provides. Here’s what another franchise owner said:

“Owning a business may seem glamorous, and it can be, but it is also a lot of hard work. With a franchise, you get the best of both worlds – the freedom to run your own business, but also a set of systems and expectations to help keep you accountable.”

Kyle Moffat
Postcard Portables Regina, SK

Postcard Portables offers a unique opportunity. Tap into ourpowerful, yet intimate franchise network with a proven track record, a highly respected brand, and a great array of profitable products.

Our business model allows you to start operations quickly and easily, for a modest investment. You are your own boss, but you’re not alone. We provide unparalleled support and mentorship, because when you succeed, we succeed.

Are you ready to sign? Talk to us and discover whether we’re a fit. We’re here to answer all your questions. At Postcard Portables, we know every one of our franchisees well. We work hard, have fun, and always welcome like-minded people.

You can create a successful business, and the work/life balance you deserve. Contact us today.