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March 30, 2021 | By Postcard Portables Media Team


Business cards can be great networking tools, but how many times have you lost someone’s card before you ever get the chance to call them? If keeping track of your stack of incoming business cards seems impossible, fear not. These three organizational tips will help you keep your business cards under control once and for all.


For some people, business cards are just too old school to bother with. If you hate the idea of keeping up with actual business cards, you could just create a database on your computer and enter the information from each card individually (or have someone do it for you). Or, you could take advantage of the camera on your smartphone and photograph the business cards. There are several apps on most app stores that will do just this so you can keep the photo and toss the cards.

Reliable Rolodex

If you thought you’d never need your Rolodex again, you’re wrong. A Rolodex-style spinning organizer is perfect for storing and organizing business cards–just staple each card to a card in the Rolodex and write the name of the business or contact person on the tab at the top of the file card. This method works best if you don’t have tons of cards to organize, as the Rolodex can fill up quickly, especially if the business cards are printed on thick cardstock. Still, it’s easy, inexpensive, and puts that old Rolodex to great use.

Binder method

Binders are useful for so many different storage uses, but storing business cards has to be one the most practical of all. Purchase sleeves designed specifically to hold business cards, or, in a pinch, use the ones designed to hold collectible cards. Place them in a binder and organize every business card you have. Most sleeves hold eight or more business cards and you can see the front and back of each one at a glance. This method can be annoying if you like to keep all of your cards in alphabetical order, but it’s still an easy, practical method of organizing the cards.

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