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March 30, 2021 | By Postcard Portables Media Team


If greeting cards aren’t a staple in your business, they should be. Company greeting cards are more than just a gimmick–they can be great tools that will help grow your relationship with your customers. Here are five reasons why you should send your clients company greeting cards.

It’s a subtle form of marketing

Rather than ‘in your face’ marketing, a friendly greeting card that’s been specially designed to feature your company logo. Your friendly greeting card serves as a subtle reminder that you are there for your clients. It’s even more effective if you personalize your message to each client, so bear this in mind when designing your cards.

It’s a personal touch

Often, businesses can come across as cold or impersonal. A greeting card is a personal touch that reminds clients of the reasons why they chose to do business with you. It leaves your clients with a positive feeling regarding your business relationship, and that could lead to lots of repeat business in the future.

Greeting cards get put on display

It may seem silly, but have you ever noticed how many people put their greeting cards on display for all to see? If your card is being displayed, two things happen. First, people who interact with your client will see that you cared enough to send a card. Also, your client will have a constant reminder that you took the time to send a personalized company greeting card.

They keep your clients ‘in the loop’ during important times

Want to make your clients feel more like a part of your business family? Send a greeting card when you make a big announcement, open a new branch, or hit an important milestone like an anniversary. This makes your clients feel like they are a part of your ‘team’ and helps strengthen those business relationships.

Custom greeting cards show your gratitude

Are you truly grateful for your clients? Show them how much with a custom greeting card from the heart of your business. A simple ‘thank you for your business’ can go a long way towards building great customer loyalty in your clients.

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