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March 31, 2021 | By Postcard Portables Media Team


Great business signage can really have an impact on your advertising campaigns. After all, the whole point of a sign is to attract attention to your business, and the better your sign, the bigger the impact can be. Here are some design tips to help you create business signage that really makes an impact with your audience.

Size matters

You don’t have to have a giant billboard to make a statement, but you do need to consider where you’ll be displaying your signage. Indoor signs can be small and at or near eye level, but outdoor signs may need to be raised slightly to be seen.

Don’t just think in one direction

If you’re using a mini-billboard or other roadside sign, don’t forget to use both sides of your sign. It seems like common sense, but surprisingly, many businesses don’t take advantage of both sides and they end up missing out on advertising to traffic flowing in both directions.

Use your company logo

Outdoor signage is all about building brand recognition. You need to put your business logo on every sign so that your audience will be able to identify a piece of advertising as yours, instantly. If you don’t have a company logo, you should be consistent with the use of colour in your branding. Some companies are known for their use of colour (think McDonalds, Coca Cola), and it’s a simple way to help customers recognize your signs among the sea of advertising.

Consider your signage location

Will your darkly coloured sign be easy to read at night? Will your sign be visible from the road? Don’t let your signage blend into the background–make sure that it’s positioned so that it can be seen clearly by your intended audience. This may require that you position it in a well lit area, set it on a taller frame or post, or even move it to the side of your building. In certain cities we can even position them in alternate locations for you, so just ask your local Postcard Portables representative and they will give you all of the options for your locality.

Local regulations

Before you place your sign, make sure you can legally do so. The benefit of dealing with a Postcard Portables representative is that they can assist you with abiding by all necessary regulations. They take care of all of the permitting and placement, and often times can speak directly with your landlord to gain permission for placement if needed.

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