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March 30, 2021 | By Postcard Portables Media Team


Every fraedmonton, franchisee, advertising, billboardnchise system has a very first franchisee, and for Postcard Portables, it’s Bruce Bishop in Edmonton, Alberta. Twelve years ago, Bruce, a partner in a retail business at the time (and a former Certified General Accountant) first recognized Postcard Portables as an excellent advertising opportunity for his then current retail location.

After looking into the business further, Bruce discovered that the owners were looking to franchise and selling operations in Edmonton. It wasn’t long before he and his retail partner signed on the dotted line and became the first Postcard Portables franchisees.

Now, more than a decade later, Bruce’s partner found another opportunity as a Lawyer and Bruce is still going strong in the Edmonton Market. Bruce describes the best part of being a franchisee as “flexibility.” With 4 children and other family commitments, the regular 9-5 just wasn’t feasible. Although the commitment to time was greater upon start up, it was possible to work at any time of the day that fit the family schedule. Now, with an established business, the time commitment is even less.

Bruce also notes that being part of a franchise system means that a lot of the other headaches that come with starting a business (such as overhead, product development, etc) is already established, allowing a franchisee to focus on growth. Bruce says “product development is tough to do well and a well developed product is a big advantage.”

What does Bruce appreciate about being part of the Postcard Portables team specifically? “It’s a great business model that drives a good income and also affords owners the flexibility in both time and management.” He says. “Also, as part of a team, franchisees have the benefit of problem solving together. Even the franchisors work hard, the expectations are set and clear, and feedback and support is always available.”

Here are some words of wisdom from Bruce if you’re considering a franchise; a franchise business is a workable model but no one is going to give you anything… you definitely have to work at it. What works in one market may not translate well in others so don’t make assumptions. Do your homework, research your province and city for laws that may change the way you do business.