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March 30, 2021 | By Postcard Portables Media Team


Regan Simonson comes from a large, entrepreneurial inclined family. In fact, he is one of 16 brothers and sisters! Regan chose the path of business ownership when he decided to create and operate a cleaning business, which he later amalgamated with his family’s agricultural equipment and services dealership. Together, he and 6 of his brothers, grew the farming focused business with great success. So much so that the business was purchased by the local John Deere dealership.

After the sale of the business, and about a year of working for someone else, Regan discovered an opportunity in a classified ad: Postcard Portables Saskatoon was for sale. Unlike some of the other Postcard Portables franchisees, Regan wasn’t in search of a franchise system specifically. Although, like many of the other franchisees, he was looking for something that would provide a good income without having to commit to the typical 9-5 hours. After a number of discussions with the previous owner, Regan was able to see the potential for growth, with the added bonus of a support system that is just not available with a sole-proprietorship.

After just 3 months of franchising with Postcard Portables, Regan identifies that best part of being a franchisee as the abundance of support. “You’re never in it by yourself, if you have a question there is always someone to ask.” Another perk is that franchisees share leads to potential clients in the different markets. “Others can point you in the right direction and share ideas. There is a lot of experience to draw on.” says Regan.

What does Regan love most about Postcard Portables specifically? He says, “We offer the very best portable sign in the industry. Also, we have so much more to offer our customers, with such a great range of other products.”

If you’re considering becoming a franchise owner Regan has this advice for you: “Study the area. See what is out there as far as competition, and study how well they are doing, what kind of job they are doing, and consider what you can do differently. Be motivated, do your homework and if you feel it’s right – jump in!”

If you’d like to contact Regan regarding advertising services in the Saskatoon region, you may reach him at or by calling (306) 867-7980.