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March 24, 2021 | By Postcard Portables Media Team


If your business is looking for innovative ways to reach your audience, you might ignore proven traditional methods. However, choosing a marketing tool others ignore sets you apart from the competition. One often ignored, but highly-effective tool is the door hanger.


Flyers get lost amongst direct mail clutter that ends up in the recycling bin or garbage – unread. Costly print ads don’t guarantee your target market sees them. Radio and television is often beyond an organization’s budget, with no guarantee of a return on a big investment.

However, residents must physically remove a door hanger, almost guaranteeing they see and read your advertisement. Plus, you get added exposure when a passerby notices one dangling from a doorknob of a business or home.


A door hanger is a great way to let people know that you operate in their neighbourhood. Building top of mind recognition makes it more likely they’ll choose you over the competition, since they already know your name and what you do.

Plus, the more times a person or business sees your brand, the more likely they are to act. Can you imagine the impact if a person sees dozens of door hangers all advertising your brand? This can be especially helpful to small businesses trying to stand out from the competition or for an existing business under new management wanting to create a fresh first impression.


Does your business offer annual or seasonal specials? Do you put on events in your neighbourhood? How about limited time offers? Door hangers are a great way to encourage existing and potential customers to take advantage of your unique offerings to strengthen your customer base, increase interest, and grow your business.


A professionally designed full-colour door hanger with bold graphics can also include a coupon, business card, mini-calendar, or other helpful information a person might want to tear off and keep in their wallet or on their fridge.

Pay printing costs once, and enjoy continual exposure every time someone sees the item again. Even if they don’t interact now, they may later.


Door hangers are a very cost-effective method for targeting a local market. Place your message where it’s most likely to be seen, instead of hoping you’ll see results with mass marketing.

As the weather cools, more people spend time indoors and take time to read what’s hanging on their doorknob. Door hangers are laminated too, so your message stays crisp and stands out, no matter what Mother Nature throws at it.


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