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March 31, 2021 | By Postcard Portables Media Team


Mini-billboards can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Less expensive and more flexible than standard billboards, mini-billboards allow you to market where you want, when you want, and still grab your customers’ attention. Here’s how to integrate mini-billboards into your marketing strategy.

Use them to get wider visibility in your community

Is your business new and no one knows you exist? Or, maybe it’s an established business, but you’re not reaching everyone you’d like to in town. A well-placed mini-billboard can be a great way to get more visibility quickly. Because they’re easily portable, you can advertise in several locations and introduce yourself to a wider demographic.

Use them to test your market

Too many businesses throw a ton of money into advertising, only to find that they’ve wasted it appealing to the wrong part of the market. Mini-billboards allow you to test your marketing campaign by advertising in certain areas long enough to gauge interest, then move on if you don’t see any results. For example, if you pay for a billboard that doesn’t get as much traffic as you’d like, you’re stuck with that billboard indefinitely, but if your mini-billboard isn’t getting seen, simply move it and try again.

Use them to promote limited-time events

One of the great things about mini-billboards is the fact that they are easily removed and stored when you don’t need them anymore. This makes them ideal for those times when you need a quick advertisement for a promotion that isn’t going to last long, such a sale or an upcoming event. You can design a powerful, eye-catching piece of advertising that can be brought out and moved around as needed, making them one of the most flexible marketing tools you can have.

Good marketing strategies don’t just rely on one type of medium for advertising. Add mini-billboards to your marketing toolbox and see for yourself how great they can be for your business.