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March 30, 2021 | By Postcard Portables Media Team


Behind every successful business lies a strong company culture. Happy, engaged employees create a strong, functional business. If you’re struggling to find ways to strengthen your own company culture, use these simple, effective tips.

Set goals and share them with your employees

Employees who feel they are working together to achieve a goal will be happier and more productive. Let your employees own the goal as much as you do–it will help fire them up to achieve success when things get tough.

Include employees in decision-making

As much as possible, include everyone in the decision-making process. Even if you can’t or won’t use their suggestions and ideas, letting every person contribute to the discussion makes for a more even playing field. When your employees feel like their ideas and opinions are valued, even when they aren’t used, your employees will have more job satisfaction.

Hire your employees for their attitudes as much as their abilities

A set of skills can always be learned, but a good attitude is impossible to teach and priceless when you’re building your business. Take a little extra time to get to know your potential employees so you can weed out the non-team players. Your business needs people who will be willing to go the extra mile when you need them to, and you can always teach them how to get there once they’re hired.

Never stop teaching and training

Employees who are constantly learning new skills are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs. Give your employees as much room to grow as you can–you may feel like you’re training them to replace you, and in a way, you are. At some point, the idea is for you to be able to be ‘hands-off’ with your business, so the more able bodies you create to take on your tasks, the better.

Have more fun, but know when to stop

If you look at companies like Google and Toms, you’ll see that their corporate culture is very ‘fun-oriented.’ Employees at these companies have perks like free massages and afternoon volleyball games, but they also get the job done. Your business culture doesn’t have to be so dramatically entertaining, but you should work to provide a good balance between fun and productivity. This will keep employees happy and raring to come into work every day.

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