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March 31, 2021 | By Postcard Portables Media Team


Outdoor advertising is an important part of any advertising campaign, but as you probably know, outdoor signage has to compete with a lot of distractions. How can you make your outdoor sign really stand out? Here are some tips to help you create an outdoor sign or mini-billboard that is bold enough to grab your audience’s attention.

Avoid boring imagery


Your audience needs something to feast their eyes on, not another sign trying to push a product or service. Give them a treat for their eyes by using images that pop out at them. Granted, this can sometimes be easier if you are selling a particular product, but even service providers can use this technique. Just make sure the image doesn’t appear too bland, isn’t unrelated to your business (kittens and puppies may be adorable, but if unless you’re in the pet industry, they probably don’t relate to your business), and isn’t so outrageous that it offends or causes traffic accidents (large images of scantily clad women may not be the best idea).

Location is key

Just sticking your sign on the side of your building isn’t going to cut it unless you are in a fantastic location. You need to get it up close and personal with your audience, like by the side of a road with steady traffic or mounted on a post or column in a busy parking lot. Put it where the people are. A little intrigue is fine (where is this wonderful business that is being advertised?), but if your audience has to go looking hard to find you, your sign is likely to be less effective since most people won’t go out of their way to look for a business just because they see your sign. One tip if you are putting your sign off-location is to make sure your address and phone number are highly visible, and preferably your website too. That way, people can pop in your contact information into their phones as they pass by for finding you later.

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