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March 30, 2021 | By Postcard Portables Media Team


It seems that everyone ramps up their marketing tactics during the holiday season, but you can still stand out among a sea of holiday advertising. Here are some marketing tips for the holiday season that any business can use.

Start planning early

The earlier you can start planning your advertising, the better. If you’re aiming to target the pre-Christmas crowd, you’ll want time to plan your print and other ads before November. If you haven’t planned anything yet, don’t panic. You can still plan a ‘flash sale’ and notify your customers via email or social media, or with print products that can be quickly produced.

Create urgency through limited time offers

Flash sales and ‘secret’ sales (open only to loyal customers who are notified via a private list) are great opportunities to drum up business, but customers won’t care unless they think they could miss out. Make it feel urgent by limiting the time period – for example, 48 hours or less.

Offer an alternative

Believe it or not, more shoppers would prefer to shop with a small business than a big box store. Offer something those big chain stores don’t–whether it’s products made in-house or customer service that goes above and beyond–and your customers will choose to bring their money to you instead of the ‘big guys.’

Go where the traffic is

Pull up banners and posters are perfect for targeting high traffic areas during the holiday season. They can be moved easily, put up in minutes, and are inexpensive, so you can target several areas at once without busting your advertising budget.

Plan a special event

Community events can really set you apart from your competitors. Why not set up a space for shoppers to meet Santa and indulge in free hot cocoa or Christmas cookies? Be sure to advertise your event via email and on social media so you’ll have a good turnout.

Create a coupon

Mail your customers postcard style coupons to use during your holiday sales. Make the coupons good for a certain amount off of a set amount. This will encourage them to move forward on a purchase that they’ve been “just thinking about” for awhile.

Have fun with your holiday marketing and check back with Postcard Portables for information on holiday print products, and more advertising tips all year long.