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March 31, 2021 | By Postcard Portables Media Team


There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about outdoor advertising. The truth is, a lot has changed in the past few years, but outdoor ads are as effective as they’ve ever been, only a lot more versatile. Here are a few myths about outdoor advertising, busted!

Bigger is better

When it comes to outdoor signage, size does matter, but not as much as you’d think. It’s more important to have a good location and great content on your advertising platform than it is to have a large ad such as a billboard. Smaller signage, such as mini-billboards, are just as effective as full-sized ones for a fraction of the cost.

A new outdoor ad will bring instant results

This myth has disappointed many business owners hoping for quick results from a flashy sign or billboard. The truth is, people usually have to see something an average of seven times in order to fully acknowledge it and act upon it. If your brand is only in one spot, your customers may take more than a week to acknowledge and respond to it. You can either be patient or proactive, and have multiple signs within an area.

Outdoor advertising should be ‘set and forget’

If you think you can put up a billboard, mini-billboard, or any other outdoor signage and just forget about it, you’re doing it wrong. People get used to seeing the same things around them all the time, so after a while your outdoor ads will just blend into the background. To be most effective, you should adapt your marketing strategy to include regular graphic changes to keep your brand feeling fresh and current.

Only big companies benefit from outdoor advertising

It’s baffling why this myth is still prevalent. The truth is, if you have a business that you want to advertise, or if you have an event you need to promote, outdoor ads can be hugely beneficial. As long as your placement is strategic to attract your target audience, your business will benefit.

If you’re ready to begin your outdoor advertising campaign, contact Postcard Portables for all your advertising needs. We’ll help you create the right graphics for your business so you can see for yourself what a big impact outdoor advertising can have on your business.