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March 30, 2021 | By Postcard Portables Media Team


If you’ve been considering joining your local Chamber of Commerce in order to advertise your business, you should know that it is still a great, relevant way to introduce your business to your community. However, there are pros and cons to be considered before joining. Here are a few for you to think about before joining your local Chamber of Commerce.


It’s an excellent tool for networking

Whether you are looking to keep an eye on the competition or find other businesses to market to, joining a Chamber will help. There are plenty of networking events that heartily welcome Chamber members, which means more open doors for your business.

You’ll get exposure in many different ways

Unlike parking a mini-billboard outside your business and hoping for the best, a membership with your local Chamber of Commerce is a little like placing several small advertisements for your business all over town. Chambers often send out emails, newsletters, and press releases welcoming their newest members. These are distributed around the community, putting your business in front of people who may be looking for a business like yours.

Exclusive mailing list access

If your business markets directly to other businesses, the Chamber offers you access to direct mailing lists that include the businesses in your area. This puts you in touch with people with direct buying power, so you spend less time chasing potential customers without any real buying power.


Although these are listed as ‘cons,’ they really aren’t all that negative. In fact, with the right attitude, these could be considered more of a healthy challenge to your business.


Like any club, membership in a Chamber of Commerce has dues to pay, but the benefits that you receive from joining typically make the membership fees worth every penny.

There’s no quick ROI

It takes time to make your presence known in your community. This is true whether you join a Chamber of Commerce or not. But, if you join one AND you actively participate, network, and make an effort to get your business seen, you will see faster results than someone who doesn’t do these things.

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