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March 30, 2021 | By Postcard Portables Media Team


Nothing is a more effective advertisement for your business than providing great customers service. After all, your customers will talk to their friends and family, and if your service is lacking, they’ll not only notice, but they’ll probably share this fact, too. Great customer service is especially important during the holidays. Here are some tips for serving your customers well during the holiday season.

Plan for increased traffic

There’s nothing more frustrating for your regular customers than suddenly facing delays in service at your business because of holiday crowds. Plan ahead for this and bring in extra staff to help keep the customer traffic flowing smoothly. By eliminating waits and stress for your customers, you’ll help ensure that they’ll be back for more in the New Year.

Encourage empathy

Understand that the stress of the season affects everyone differently, and that includes your customers and your employees. Encourage your staff to practice empathy during the stressful holiday season. If they can put themselves in the customers’ shoes, great customer service is bound to be much easier for them. Remember, although you may greet and serve hundreds of customers every day at your business, you may only see each one once. That’s one chance to make a great impression and brighten your customer’s day.

Show your thanks

It’s important to let your customers know how much they mean to your business, especially during the holidays. Festive holiday postcards are ideal for this, and they’re an inexpensive way to remind your customers how much you appreciate them. Or, you could create your own company greeting card with a very personalized message showing your customers how much you appreciate them.

If you can’t send each and every one a holiday greeting card, at least put up a ‘thank you’ sign as a token of your appreciation. Whether it’s a few countertop signs or a mini billboard, as long as your message is clear and sincere, your customers will notice.

Make a little extra effort treat your customers well during the holidays, and they’ll be back for more in the New Year. For more tips on marketing during the holidays (or anytime),visit Postcard Portables.