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March 23, 2021 | By Postcard Portables Media Team


Marketing Tactics Like Billboard Advertising Help Build Your Brand. However, As Luke Skywalker Knows All Too Well, There Is A “dark Side”. for Brands, It’s Known As A Cluttered Marketing Environment. Here’s How To Stand Above The Competition Using Billboard Advertising So Your Audience Sees Your Marketing Message And Notices Your Company Or Organization.


Buying more online ads and adding more social media posts doesn’t address marketing clutter. Consumers see many ads and consequently they won’t respond if you spend more money in a saturated market. A desensitized audience means your marketing message gets lost in the crowd.

Experts report a person experiences at least 4,000 and as many as 10,000 advertisements per day, whether on TV, radio, websites, social media, or while moving through public spaces. That’s way too many ads and it’s not surprising people tend to shut them out.

Additionally, reports the average person only maintains their focus for 8 seconds, although some people last as little as 2.8 seconds. As a result, your potential customers will ignore your message unless you use the power of the force and create impact quickly. Billboard advertising is an excellent, affordable way to cut through clutter to reach your target audience where they walk, bike, or drive.

Once, billboard advertising was inaccessible for most companies, because it was too expensive. Plus, each billboard sat in a single location and it was expensive to reproduce and relocate it, making billboards impractical.

Today, the Mini-Billboard provides the force you need to overcome these hurdles. Place it where it is most effective, move it when you need to, and rent the sign to avoid capital costs. Enjoy 24/7 exposure, full-colour, double-sided advertising, and deliver a powerful message people are certain to remember.


Small and medium-sized companies often struggle to compete with large companies. However, billboard designs can level the playing field.

Create a clear message and call to action such as “call this number”, “visit our website”, or “use this code” to engage customers and look as big as your large competitors. This increases trust and credibility, important for driving sales.

Additionally, large and visually striking designs capture people’s attention easily and appeal to their senses. They’re more likely to remember your product and company since your message is very eye-catching, prominent, and distinctive.


Jedi Knights didn’t learn how to fight overnight. They learned from Jedi Masters and their generations of experience. They also learned how to channel the force for the most good, instead of wasting their efforts.

Many marketers today bypass traditional methods in favour of online marketing, but that’s a mistake. Options such as billboard advertising took years to fine tune and they’re still around since they’re very effective.

If potential clients send your messages to spam, ignore your social media posts, or find your content a yawn, are these truly effective marketing choices? Organizations trying to reach a local market are often better served by methods that easily access their community audience and billboard advertising does that.


A TNS survey found 57 percent of Canadians over 18 years of age take some action after seeing out-of-home advertising, and most are young adults – our new consumers (74%). However, those over 55 years of age still act after seeing an advertisement 45 percent of the time.

Common actions include visiting a company’s website to find out more about products or services or visiting a company’s brick-and-mortar store. Over 10 percent of respondents bought an advertised product.

However, many people also connect to social media due to outdoor advertising. Over 10 percent shared information seen in an outdoor ad with their friends and family on social media. The survey also reported many people showed great interest in receiving immediate access to more brand or store information or receiving coupons from outdoor advertisements.

Compare that to pay-per-click advertising where marketers consider anything over 2 percent engagement a good result. However, clicking on an ad doesn’t necessarily mean a sale. The average conversion rate is only 2.35 percent, not the 10 percent outdoor advertising offers.

Blending website and social media options into billboard advertising can motivate consumer actions so you can connect with potential customers and drive sales. That’s a great advantage in a cluttered marketing arena and one that particularly appeals to Millennials and Gen Z consumers.


Jedi Knights don’t win battles by going head-to-head with the dark side. Instead, they look for their adversary’s weaknesses and capitalize on them. They often win battles by doing something quickly or doing something unusual.

The same is said of marketing. By capitalizing on competitor weaknesses you stay relevant and noticeable. Analyze the competition and try new tactics so you create your own niche.

For instance, your competitor may spend a fortune on print advertising in your local paper. You might consider more affordable outside advertising such as vinyl banners, A-frames, or billboard advertising instead.

Billboards are also quick to produce. It takes less than a week for initial concept to installation of your new billboard. Large companies can’t respond that quickly, which gives you have a competitive advantage. You can advertise snow tires after a blizzard, offer a new exclusive discount weekly that appeals to local needs, or direct customers to a seasonal location easily.

Place advertising where potential clients are most likely to see it, instead of standing toe-to-toe with a powerful competitor in their own arena. Switch your marketing message as often as needed, deliver powerful graphics and text, and stay on budget.


Were you rooting for Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader? Whichever you chose, it was based on emotion. If you bought a Star Wars product, it probably wasn’t because you liked its benefits. You bought based on the emotions the movies conjured up in you.

Consequently, when you’re trying to figure out how to build a brand, appeal to people’s emotion. It is a great way to keep your company top of mind so when a person considers buying, they choose your company. suggests emotional marketing is one of the best choices for young, smaller businesses or franchises with smaller budgets. Colourful signs, concise text, and messages that inspire the community all work well to break through advertising clutter. Use happiness or excitement or even anger or fear if it elicits a consumer response and suits needs.

For instance, a community group may want to use a billboard to slow drivers in a school area, fearing accidents or injuries. A business may want to emphasize a limited time offer for a service or product. An organization may want to shout out to people in the community for social change such as voting for an initiative or stopping one.

Choose from either a 4’ x 8’ or a 5’ x 10’ Original Mini-Billboard, or the smaller 4’ x 4’ Junior Mini-Billboard, if space is an issue. They resist strong winds, pelting rain, low temperatures, and UV damage so they’re suitable for our harsh Canadian climate. Colours, graphics, and text remain sharp and effectual.


Companies should consider every interaction with a customer as an opportunity to create a memorable experience. The dark side is another forgettable ad.

By tapping into outdoor advertising, you make a strong impression people remember. Instantly create engaging stories and rely on quality products you can put in front of potential clients where they choose to consume content.

You needn’t pay a fortune for effective, professional products. Choose what works for your budget and display your message on the side of a building people see when they travel to work or within community.

Fortunately, you can create memorable experiences even if you don’t have any design or advertising flair. Postcard Portables provides expert advice, graphics, and solutions, not boring, forgettable ads.


Jedi Knights train for years and can reach across the universe using the force. You can reach your target audience quickly when you reach across the marketing universe through cross-channel marketing.

Creating a powerful, consistent message and advertising through a variety of mediums makes it more likely your target audience will see your message in the places they visit the most. Forbes suggests cross-channel marketing increases visibility and measurability, plus you can personalize and fine tune your message.

Internet advertising has increased 6,381% since 1997 and today you need to “touch” a potential customer 12 to 14 times before they buy. That’s double what it was in previous years. As a result, you need to reach out and touch your potential customers in as many places as possible and in as many ways that you can reasonably justify economically.

Set billboards on boulevards, place posters or banners in your retail store, send out direct mail flyers, leave door hangers on doorknobs, use customer reminder cards, and hand out personalized calendars.

Cut through the clutter by advertising on company vehicles, in lobbies, on roadsides and lampposts, or on interior or exterior walls. Storefront window decals and A-frames work well in retail and restaurants. You’ll enjoy repetitive exposure and sometimes a captive audience too.

Billboard Advertising Gets People Talking

Did you or your children want a lightsaber, Millennium Falcon, or a speeder bike after watching Star Wars? Were you anxiously awaiting a new episode and talking about what might happen? When you create a unique, remarkable, and impactful message, people talk about it, and that’s powerful.

A McKinsey study found word of mouth was the primary factor in 20 to 50 percent of all purchase decisions. People also pass on positive messages to others, which can lead to higher campaign reach and influence.

Finally, people trust word of mouth recommendations. Ninety percent of consumers consider this information credible and reliable. Consider using billboard advertising to promote upcoming events, sales, or seasonal specials. It increases credibility and creates conversation.


Postcard Portables has the expertise you need to create outstanding billboards that reach your target market. With years of experience and a crack team of pilots, you’ll reach your business goals quickly.

Postcard Portables offers customers an unparalleled level of attention from initial concept to on-site installation. An exceptional in-house graphic design team and state-of-the-art print facility create your eye-catching, colourful Mini-Billboards that deliver tangible results.

Our Mini-Billboard is just one example of our many innovative signage products. Postcard Portables is not just a sign company – we offer advertising solutions. Let us show you how you can use the force to reach your organizations objectives and instead of choosing the dark side.

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