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March 31, 2021 | By Postcard Portables Media Team


When it comes to marketing your business, bigger isn’t always better. Mini-billboards can pack a mighty punch and help you grow your business in some surprising ways. Here’s how mini-billboards can help your business grow.

They go where the traffic is

Mini-billboards can literally follow traffic when you place them at strategic points along the roadside. If your business is on a busy street, a brightly-coloured mini-billboard could catch the eyes of all those weary drivers sitting in traffic.

Foot traffic may not bring customers directly to your door, but if you place a mini-billboard where lots of people walk or congregate, you may attract business that you otherwise wouldn’t have brought in.

They keep things fresh

Large permanent billboards come at a high cost and are stuck in one spot. Mini-billboards are less expensive and can be placed in a variety of locations, so you can create several graphics and change them out as you need or want to. Use them to alert customers of sales, new products, or other promotions whenever you like, targeting your audience in the perfect location of your choosing.

You can test a market without a huge investment

There’s nothing worse than paying a huge amount of money to advertise in a new area, only to find that your return on investment was tiny or even negative. Save your money and use mini-billboards to test the waters. If you get great results, hooray! If you don’t see the results you want, just move your mini-billboard to a new location and try again.

They can turn events into marketing blitzes

Pair a mini-billboard with an employee handing out your business cards or other marketing materials at the next big event in your community. The billboard is big enough to get attention, yet small enough to be easily portable. This allows you to have a professional presence at any event with very little setup time.

How will you use your mini-billboards to grow your business?